As the loved one, how do I checkin each day?

There are several ways that a loved one can check in each day:

1. Respond to the daily call

Loved one is called by Carecircles  and they respond by pressing "1" on their telephone keypad, then hang up.

If the first call is missed, we try again 4 or 5 times for an hour.

2. Call in to DayCall

Loved one dials in to the DayCall number (From the USA: (386) 302-6001  From the UK: 0141 280 7007 from their registered phone. Waits for the system to recognize the caller ID. It will then say "thank you for checking in" and you can then hang up.

3. Send an SMS/Text message to DayCall

Using telephone numbers above, the Loved one sends and SMS/text message with the word "OK" to the DayCall checkin number (see above) from their registered phone.

4. Via the website

Loved one logs into the website and is immediately checked in for the day.

5. A member of their care circle can do it for them

As an exception a care circle member can checkin on behalf of the lovedone via the website.